Tuesday, 17 January 2017

What happened in Syria (Summary)

So, to sum up my claims: the Syrians who demonstrated against their corrupted regime in 2011 had the fairest reasons to do so. This situation was invested by devil powers to create and start the ugliest war in modern history.

I claim here that the war in Syria was CREATED and DIDN’T just happen. I provided many incidents and proofs which indicate clearly that it was planned and intended in coordination among the parties who pretended to be enemies on the international stage.

My claims also imply that the war’s parties didn’t fight to win or to acquire land or natural resources. Instead, they created this war to profit from the war itself. None of them were interested in finishing the war in its early stages, even as a winner!

The bottom line executers of this war (the fighters from both sides, pro-Assad and opposition) were not necessarily aware of the real game. They received instructions from upper levels. They didn’t have a chance to disobey these instructions. The upper levels which instructed them were intelligence agencies which managed this war and profited from it in various ways which I broke down throughout the book’s pages. The super powers kidnapped the rebellion by picking specific opposition figures and supporting them according to these super powers’ standards and considerations while marginalizing (isolating) the rest and excluding them.
The major result of this game was domesticating the Syrian nation along with  many other nations. The major implementers of the war, Russia and Turkey, profited economically from the war in various ways. Other parties of the game have achieved political and Intelligence goals, mainly Arabic Gulf countries, Iran and of course, the western super power countries.  

At one point, the whole world seemed to be watching the poor Syrians being thrown into the holocaust. But many of them, including many Syrians, were praying that these poor could be enough oblation to achieve their ambitions and dreams.
All parties seemed to rely on these poor: The west thinks that they deserve to dominate Syria more than Russia, Iran and co. The Gulf States think that Syria should belong to the conservative Sunni world, not to the western or the Shiite. The west, the Wahhabis Gulf States who think that Syria should belong to their ideology, hope that these limbs would be enough to restore Syria from Iran and Russian grip.
The Muslim brotherhood members who are now receiving open budget financing from the west under the title of “projects” which end nowhere but their pockets and accounts, are enjoying the good life in Turkey, hosted in luxury residency in Istanbul and other capitals, and financed unlimitedly by declared and undeclared sources, hope that these sacrifices are enough to take their revenge from Assad’s regime.
The Syrians which belong to big or rich families in diaspora are convinced that they deserve more power and wealth than the Assad family. They spend their days and nights encouraging those who are still inside to go further, shaming them for being reluctant or hesitant to jump into this Holocaust. They hope that the sacrificing of these poor Syrians is enough for them to come back one day to restore their lost glory.
The Conservative Muslims in diaspora, especially in the west, continue encouraging those in the Assad region to continue this collective suicide in the hopes that this will lead to their dreams coming true: an Islamic state in Syria.
Even the liberal and secular Syrians who fled Syria after 2011 always have time to chant and appreciate the death and suffering of those who are inside. Enjoying the privileges which some hosting countries provide to their “guests”, this category always has time to celebrate the sacrificing of those which didn’t have enough sources to flee Syria. They keep assuring them that Victory is undoubtedly coming soon.
The intelligence agencies of the western super powers didn’t spare any of the above categories to imply their agendas.
The media, mainly those financed by anonymous western sources, have hypnotized the Syrians with thousands of daily broadcasts on social media and other media channels.
The doping process was systematic. Thousands of writers from all walks of life were paid and financed to keep the feeling of the approaching victory alive.
Even irrelevant events like the suing of one of Assad’s officers who would not leave Syria in front of some forgotten European court, freezing Assad’s money in some banks, sanctions against Iran, all these events were taken by those channels and converted to indications of the “nearing fall of the regime”. 

Thanks to this hypnosis work, the Syrians lost any logical thinking or efficient calculation. While losing all they owned, what they inherited from the previous generations, they never stopped believing that they were the winners.
Where this hypnosis process was successful was in distracting the Syrian crowd from the essential question, which is “HOW”.

How would this regime be toppled?
Even when half of the nation left Syria and the regime restored control of 90 percent of the country; even when the only fighters who remained fighting Assad were the Islamist foreigner fighters, which most of the Syrians in diaspora consider unreliable mercenaries instructed by some foreign intelligence agencies or even by the Assad regime itself; even before the revolution started and after it was nearing its end, the Syrians in diaspora continued talking daily about the victory which was no doubt coming. This seemed to be not only a case of hypnosis, but rather severe schizophrenia.
The speakers, writers and journalists who were part of this hypnosis work received huge financial support, mainly from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and other western countries, mainly the United Kingdom and United States. 

This systematic work had one goal: to distract the crowds from stopping to reflect and going on without discovering the game until it was too late. And this devil plan worked out unbelievably successfully, one must admit!

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