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Who stands behind ISIS?

On 17 February 2015, the independent newspaper published an article[2] mocking the Sudanese president Omar Al Bashir, who said that the CIA stands behind ISIS. But how did ISIS arise, and who really stands behind it? In this essay, I will try to demonstrate some facts related to the ISIS phenomenon, arguing the weak points and what can be potential proof of the Sudanese president’s assumptions.

The president built his whole opinion on a single proof that “there is no Muslim who would carry out such acts”, which sounds weird and illogic, as it is always possible to find people belonging to any nationality, religion or belief who are ready to kill and commit whatever terrible actions for various reasons.

Historically, no militia like ISIS has arisen in this area in the modern age. In the last few decades, the area has been ruled mainly by the Assad family[3] in the Syrian part and by Saddam Hussein before the Gulf war took place. During these dictatorships, every area of the Syrian and Iraqi lands was controlled. Although these dictators were ruling with overly traditional and old methods, they could always uncover and stop any extremist group, even before it began or in the planning stage.

The area surrounding ISIS is absolutely controlled and observed by modern countries, mostly allies that are completely cooperative with the United States such as Turkey and Iraq, who have all the tools and possibilities to watch even a mosquito in the zone. Besides, a strong state like ISIS doesn't continue simply with just few fanatic fighters: The huge amounts money and numbers of fighters coming and going mostly through Turkey or Iraq via logistic methods such as the oil and commodities trade route, and getting modern weapons and heavy vehicles, managing advanced internet social media and communications, in addition to the training, administration and organizational skills are all required for ISIS to stay alive[4].

The Jordanian pilot case illustrates the puzzling scene of ISIS very well. He was in his F16 aircraft, one of the most modern developed American air forces’ designs, when his airplane was dropped by an ISIS anti-airplane missile[6]. The USA administration hesitated for years to provide these weapons to the moderate Syrian free due to fears that it would arrive in the “wrong hands”, although that means it has now allowed the Assad regime to continue what the United States believe are definitely war crimes. If just one or two of these missiles were provided to the free Syrian army every month during the last four years, it could be enough to end the Syrian civil war and tumble the Assad regime[7]!

The Syrian and Iraqi lands are flat lands with no mountains or caves[8]. Besides, Turkey and Iraq are absolute allies of the USA, which can enforce any intelligence or military procedures in this zone. The question that everybody may ask is: How can the current world with all our modern technologies which can monitor and detect activity with high resolution be helpless against a few uneducated unorganized people doing all these complicated jobs, while thousands and thousands of intelligence agents, counsels, presidents and experts couldn’t handle or even predict their actions? Well, it is not impossible of course, but also it is not that easy to just believe and accept.

Let’s look at the topic from another aspect. If Bill Gates or Steve Jobs were managers of these organizations, they would have to face ISIS. The failure of CEOs with an army of highly educated and specialized researchers and experts to predict the rise of such an organization, or failing to find a solution for dealing with an uneducated, unorganized and untrained enemy is shocking. Now world leaders, especially the presidents of the main powers in this world, would like to tell their nations that they really have been and continue to do their best, along with their thousands of experts with all their experience and available technologies, but they still just sit back and watch how this junior organization adds terrible scenes every day to this horror movie!

The Sudanese president's assumptions sound somehow illogical: why would the super powers be interested in playing such games? And since when have the western countries created or supported Islamic extremist groups? On the other hand, we can remember that Al Qaida was funded and trained essentially by the American CIA[10] in order to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, before it defected later (actually no one knows exactly when or if they have defected). Anyhow (as said in the last essays), in the political world, the interests and views of leaders are not necessarily aligned with their nations.

Whatever our opinion of what the Sudanese president said is, it is undeniable that many people are thinking the same way, in both the east and the west. The above posed questions are fair, and should be asked as the leaders are managers after all, and thus responsible for the result and performance of their administrations. It is essential that the international community and each nation take the initiative to be more effective in our time, in order to strengthen the peace and tolerance in the whole world in the modern age.

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