Thursday, 12 January 2017

Why do EU Politicians support illegal immigration, while they fight against legal refugees?


Telling the truth about the crisis currently being faced by refugees should be paramount! Why is the European Union allowing and encouraging illegal immigration, while turning away legal refugees? It seems that manipulation and secret deals could be the main reason, but is this really the case?
Before any refugee is allowed to jump in the Mediterranean to face their fate - either being swallowed by the sea or surviving and reaching European coasts - they are required to pay approximately US$10,000 to their merciful “brothers”: the Turkish traffickers. The coordination between the traffickers and Turkish Police ensures that no refugee can take this suicidal step without paying the decided “tariff”! After all, it is an enormous industry of more than US$ 30 billion per year [2], as well as the extra cash spent by millions of refugees throughout their journey of waiting and moving through Turkey, and they still face all kinds of extortion and abuse cases by the traffickers and the associated mafias in Turkey!
It is widely known that before these refugees take this horrible step, they have tried to apply for visas from one or more EU Embassy in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, etc. But of course they were rejected, regardless of their circumstances and how effectively they can prove these circumstances: highly educated individuals, minorities in real danger, easily integration qualities for Europe, etc.
Their desperation leads them (along with hundreds of thousands of fake war victims who leave stable situations in safe countries to follow this track) to come to Turkey and pay the Turkish traffickers in order to allow them access into Europe. Most of the true victims who are really suffering in war zones cannot afford to pay their way into Europe, and the EU Embassies are turning a blind eye to their suffering.
If the EU politicians have the intention, and know that Europe already has the capacity to welcome millions of refugees, why don’t they just organize this process legally, if they have the necessary tools to do so?[3]
By activating the embassies’ roles, allowing them to accept applications, and process them systematically and objectively, it can help to reduce the number of criminals and terrorists who are now able to easily make their way into Europe, while increasing the people who could be well integrated into the continental environment and could contribute to the EU. But, the European politicians seem to have a different opinion; they have assigned this task completely to the Turkish traffickers, who filter according to their own standards, allowing anyone who is ready to pay the “tariff” in, no matter how much that risks the safety of Europeans, and leads later to many social and administrative issues in European countries.

[1] An Essay written in Summer 2016. Some facts and data apply only to that time.
[2] If ten thousand refugees enter Europe on a daily basis (according to the statics of arrival to EU borders), at an approximate rate of $10,000 each, that is $100 million per day.

[3] If the European embassies granted 10,000 or even just 1,000 Visas monthly (which is one tenth the daily amount of the illegal arrivals), there would not be a crisis in Europe! The real war victims will not rush crossing the Mediterranean; they will manage to wait in some safe parts in their countries or in neighboring countries until issued with visas, rather than risking their own and their families’ lives. However, when they come illegally, they will just be treated the same though it is a slower process. That will encourage others to consider coming legally rather than illegally, and discouraging those who are not really war victims or not in real danger to follow this track.

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